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Marble Chain Bag
Marble Chain Bag
Marble Chain Bag
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Hexagon Leather Shoulder Bag
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S T R E E T collection

100% hand stitched

Real high quality leather

Product Code : EQ0205



Other Information

SONNIEWING HANDMADE LEATHER is a Hand Stitched Leather Brand based in Hong Kong that was founded by me,WING. I offering a wide range of leather bags & accessories to create our personal style, to built around chic and designed to provide endless styling choices to all with a love for fashion creates our own style.

Each product is provided a unique color and in very limited quantities. I take inspiration from the basic design elements - point, line, plane. And based on these three elements, I’ve also take geometric - triangle, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, etc. Then use a different kind of geometric patterns to create leather bags and accessories.

Achieve my dreams – Make Your Life and Fashion Colourful, Fun and Interesting. I will choose the colorful leather to made a different leather bags & accessories to create our personal style.

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