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2 Ways Green Flash Tiger iPad Size Pouch
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2 Ways Green Flash Tiger iPad Size Pouch

Product Code : DP0122


100% PU

Other Information

Loom Loop is a design partnership between Popo Ho and Melancholiandy. Inspired by a trip to Guangzhou, the couple discovered an interesting heritage Guangzhou fabric. The duo thus decided to leave their jobs to achieve their dreams in fashion.

This collection is a contemporary womenswear collection. It embodies a mixture of traditional craftsmanship of the heritage Guangzhou fabric with a modern approach to contemporary individualism. It is a mix of restraint and boldness where the duo creates new silhouettes with the sophistication of the heritage Guangzhou fabric. It is a sustainable approach by using leftover denim fabric and overstock sweaters from garment factories.

The collection resonates with today’s forward customers who want designs that reflect their individuality from tailored luxe to casual sophistication and comfortable elegance.

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