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Full Digital Print on Fabric

Beading on upper Surface

Belted on side

Product Code : GV0018


70%Wool 30% Polyester

Other Information

LUKE CHAN is a Hong Kong based fashion label established in 2016 by Chan Kit Leung, Luke.

The brand logo has 3 French words 'croire et amour' - 'believe and love'. By using French to show the romantic mood, 'believe' = believe and do what you believe; 'love' = love what you do and show the love and kindness. This is the beauty that Luke believes and now he is showing it by design.

LUKE CHAN is emotional expression of a designer’s sense in fashion presenting the romantic, feminine beauty and heritage mood in a contemporary way. LUKE CHAN targets on the ladies that independent and confident. LUKE CHAN collection is focus on high quality and different mixture of fabric and interesting detail elements. It provides different choices for ladies in a reasonable price.

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