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Signature Blue Printed Dress
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Signature Blue Printed Dress

Product Code : IJJ0001


100% Japanese Polyster

Other Information

Tai Le is a Hanoi-born fashion designer who founded his eponymous fashion label TAILE in 2016. Initially, he had wanted to pursue a career in politics and become an international ambassador, but the artistic genes from his family’s heritage had a stronger influence on him and after many years, his creativity blossomed into a career in the fashion and luxury goods industry.

Having worked at Giorgio Armani at an early age, his interest in the world of luxury and glamour was sparked within him whilst he was still pursuing his education in Boston, USA. In 2014, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing and Business and subsequently became inspired to chase his dreams of starting his own fashion house. In 2017, he graduated from New York City’s prestigious Parsons School of Fashion with a fashion design major.

Tai Le’s accolades include not just successfully attaining the title of Parsons Class of 2017’s “Student Design of The Year”. He also made it as one of only three finalists from Parsons to represent his concepts and designs for ZARA Project 2017’s “SHAPE THE INVISIBLE” at the Zara Headquarter in Spain, an international initiative that works with aspiring designers on promoting sustainability in fashion.

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