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A To Z Alpabet Name Engraving Bracelet
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A To Z Alpabet Name Engraving Bracelet

Product Code : IZ0001


925 silver

Other Information

DearBell is precious. But this house defines precious materials as things that steer clear of the unconventional. So though we don't share a love for diamantes or

fresh-water pearls, DearBell believes that we're submerged in a world of forgotten treasures.

DearBell's the child of Mr. Bell Kwan, the founder, designer, and creative director of this house of fun. Though Bell never underwent formal training, nothing stopped his love for design. Bell loved the idea of owning something that's one of a kind. So from the tender age of 10, he put his head to work, and thus, a string of accessories with big personalities was born. Friends of DearBell say it's beautiful, wild, daring, and humorous. DearBell explains. Since it's so easy to get bored,

DearBell thus invests all its energy into making things different. Bell's design approach lies in defying expectations: Dearbell wants to make onlookers scream 'Wow' - with a capital W.

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