Cactus Flower Embroidery Dress
HK$2,576 (was HK$3,680)
Sleeveless See Through Dress With High Collar
HK$1,192 (was HK$1,490)
Shirt-style Pinafore Dress
HK$1,112 (was HK$1,390)
Dark Blue And White Contrast Pinafore Dress
HK$1,136 (was HK$1,420)
Long Strappy Dress
HK$952 (was HK$1,190)
Signature Printed Dress With Back Knot
HK$1,192 (was HK$1,490)
Tie Back Long Sleeves Frilled Dress
HK$1,112 (was HK$1,390)
Urban Bohrmain Dress
HK$1,666 (was HK$2,380)
Total Lace Dress
HK$1,176 (was HK$1,680)