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Gods Gift Pants
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Gods Gift Pants

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Other Information

SUN=SEN is more than an art, it is a brand telling stories. SUN=SEN is pronounced as SUNEQAULSEN. Aesthetic and fun design is the fundamental concept of the brand. SUN=SEN believes mood and stories define the soul of the collection. Our designs are inspired from social and psychological angles, and we design and present our messages in a funny angle, in an angle of the quote of “Why so serious?” SUN=SEN would like to bring out people’s inner craziness through our concepts and ideas, we try to mix and match different contrasting colours and textiles. Cloths of SUN=SEN will never be just 2D, there must be some texture in every garment. SUN=SEN wants to bring different and unfamiliar designs to the high end womenswear industry, girls wearing our cloths are confident to try on different colour matches and items, it can be less feminine, but it must present another kind of beauty to the girls wearing SUN=SEN. SUN=SEN has our own brand logo, which represents the contradiction of life. SUN=SEN believes contradiction creates emotions. These emotions bring out unexpected prettiness of art. And this is one of the inspiring background of Hong Kong.

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