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We may use Personal Information, including your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, and other information including details of your transactions with us, for the following purposes.
For shipment of orders from us; to send catalogs and direct mail; for related after service; to send information about new products and services.
For activities relating to the sale of our products; surveys; and other promotional information we deem relevant.
To send gifts etc. as part of promotions etc. we are operating.
For the purpose of sending catalogues, direct mail, samples etc. from other businesses we deem suitable.
For preparing statistical data to support marketing, sales promotions and special features. In this case your information will be used anonymously.
For credit authorization, credit monitoring, and management of accounts payable.
For the fulfillment of relevant delegated duties assigned to us by another company that require processing all or some Personal Information.
For sending catalogs and direct mail etc., related after service, and information on new products and services based on Personal Information we have received from other companies.
To respond to and answer your inquires.
In addition to the above, we may record telephone calls you make to us for those purposes of customer service training and to ensure our complete understanding of your inquiry.
Whether to fill in or enter Personal Information is your choice, but certain places on our forms and website pages are marked with “You must enter this information” or similar text. If you do not fill in these sections, we will not be able to confirm your identity and will not be able to process your request.
Sharing your Personal Information
We will not share or disclose Personal Information we have received from you to any third party, excluding in the following cases.
When we have obtained your consent.
When required to by law etc.
Entrusting Personal Information to other parties
We will not entrust Personal Information we have received from you to another party, excluding in the following cases.
When we outsource to an outsourcing company with which we have signed a nondisclosure agreement pertaining to Personal Information some necessary task requiring the handling of Personal Information and with a purpose that is made clear to you.
(“Outsourcing company” may include a courier company that delivers orders; a printing company that produces labels for addressing catalogs; a credit card company specified when paying by credit card; a collections agency used when items have not been paid for; a telephone follow-up service that presents information about new products and services etc.)
We will quickly (within a reasonable period) respond to requests to disclose or correct your Personal Information. For inquiries and to correct your personal information, please contact the Personal Information Service Center. We may require payment of a fee for disclosure of your Personal Information.In principle we do not respond to requests from family members for disclosure or correction of personal information. However, when we deem it necessary for the fulfillment of the sales agreement this does not apply to family members living in the same residence as you.
Even when we use and share applicable Personal Information with your consent, if we receive a request from you to cease this use and sharing we will take action to cease this use by us and sharing with affiliated companies. However, we cannot delete information necessary for the operations of our business.
You can stop email, posted direct mail and telephone calls from us by contacting the Personal Information Service Center at the address listed below. Requests to cancel online registration and stop email newsletter subscriptions must be made separately.
Company name
Personal Information Protection Supervisor
Contact Person: Director, Customer Service Department
Send Inquiries To: Personal Information Service Center (below)
Purposes for using Personal Information that may be disclosed
As described in items (1)-(9) of section 1.
Where to direct complaints about handling of Personal Information that may be disclosed
Personal Information Service Center (below)
Disclosure process
As described in section 5.
Personal Information Service Center
Email: info@noveltylane.com